Flexible forward-line prodigious for Tottenham

Well, it’s been a profiting season for Spurs and they are seriously in the title-race this time around, nearly-men are in for some business in the Barclays Premier League, main catalysts being stable defence, flexible midfield and forward line. We’ll be analysing the movements of Spurs’ forward line and draw few interesting things out of it as conclusion :-

photojoiner.jpgThere is some serious rotation that goes on between the four forward line Spurs’ players.

So, let’s start the business of our own now, take a look at forward-line setup of Spurs with their movements and analyse through few things keeping that tactic board as reference :-


Ok so we will ponder through movements of each of the four forward line players one by one :-

1.) Kane – As we see the image above, there are five primary movements Kane does on/off the ball, off the ball Kane takes the position as one of the wide players and when the ball is cleared out wide, he tries to hold up play and take one of the centre-back out. This results in diagonal runs from wide players and central runs from midfielders. Take an instance of Spurs having the ball with right fullback Walker, Kane always stations himself in far post of that crosser Walker. He looks to beat the second centre-back and head or shoot across the goalkeeper.

2.) Eriksen- Probably the most flexible player in that forward line, his original position is number 10 behind Kane but his floating role in and around opposition half makes it near impossible to mark him constantly. You can’t man mark  him specifically the whole match as a defender. Off the ball, he drops deep centrally and blocking runs of opposition midfielders. On the ball, he takes up several positions, he swaps a lot with Delle Alli but doesn’t go very wide, he allows Rose to go for overlaps. The Dane also swap places with Lamela and try to run in between the centre-back and fullback.

3.) Lamela – Lamela doesn’t change his position much as compared to his mates. He remains on that right-hand side most of the time, swaps with Eriksen in few moments but mainly loves to stay on the right trying to tuck in with Walker overlapping. While defending, he helps out Walker in wide areas. He can run at people with the ball, very effective in taking defenders out of the game and play defence-splitting passes.


There’s one example of what Lamela can do if he’s central on the ball, he can run at defence. With Kane wide and Eriksen running through centrally, the Argentine drew one centre-back towards him before passing it to Eriksen onside from other defender.

4.) Delle Alli – Starting position is on the left hand side, but the young England international swaps a lot with Eriksen getting on the edge of the box and trying to create the gap between centre-back and fullback. He’s not a dribbler but more effective with his direct play and hold up play whenever possible so that runners run beyond him with some space.

So, there you go we discussed the movements of all the players featuring in that flexible Spurs’ forward line. One thing is crystal clear in it, defenders can’t mark anyone of them specifically for the whole match, if you’re defending against this forward line, you must defend on instincts rather going for man to man marking. Ok, Spurs are not scoring five every game but their high-line pressing and flexibility on and off the ball is something to behold and it’s one of the main catalyst as to why they are challenging for title this season.

By Mizgan Ahmed on 5th March, 2016

Twitter – @mizgans



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