Conte could just be a success at Chelsea tactically

Antonio Conte is another Italian who is set to join Chelsea on a managerial basis. We’ll take a look at how the Italian makes his team play and how it could just work out at Chelsea.

We all by now know what is Conte’s team all about, he loves to play with 3-5-2 formation with three midfielders to control the pace of the game, three centre-backs to counter the threats, two wing backs who run up and down the whole game, making it 5-3-2 when defending.

Let’s study the Italian’s tactical play and later see how it can be a perfect fit in Chelsea :-


This is the shape of a typical Conte’s team when in possession, the wing backs will thrust up the pitch as quickly as they can while the midfield has the ball, the midfield consist of a central midfield who will more often than not control the pace of the game, the two wider midfielders will choose in between to support the wing backs wide or tuck in centrally to help centre-forwards. The two centre-forwards are split it into one Striker and one Centre forward who will just play in behind the main striker to link up play centrally from the midfield.


This is the shape when the team is defending, we can clearly see it becomes a back five with wing backs tracking back and stopping the crosses, the two wide midfielders will help them if needed otherwise they will be content in filling the gap in between the centre-back and a wing back, that half space is an important part of the field to defend. The central midfielder will track the run of the onrushing number 10 or someone from the midfield.

The two forwards in this moment will become a bit trying to exploit the gap left by the opposition fullback, if the ball is cleared one will receive in wide area and the other one will make a run inwards towards the far post area. Suppose, centre-forward(CF) receives the ball on the right then striker(ST) will make an inward run towards the far post to take one defender out of equation for his strike partner or for a cross.

Conte loves his midfield to control the pace and tempo of the game with possession on the ball in the middle of the field, it enables the wing backs to thrust forward and join the attacking play and it also allows the two forwards to occupy the opposition centre-backs.

So, this was a brief introduction or whatever you say about Antonio Conte’s tactical play and we should expect more or less the same from the Italian when he joins Chelsea this summer. As we know, Chelsea have a history of playing in wider areas through their fullbacks moving forward and this is the team who has a compact midfield and managers so far love to play with a tight mid-line and the midfield should control the game.

So, this little bit matches with the tactical play we’ve discussed of Conte earlier, the Italian could just be the right man to take them forward and get them back to Europe very soon. Obviously, many say it is a gamble by Abramovich but tactically Conte could just fit at Chelsea and can take them to new heights, as we say this the likes of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp needs a good competitor tactically in big games and in Conte Chelsea have one for them. Now,the time will only tell what is in store for us to witness at Chelsea come next season.

By Mizgan on 23rd April, 2016

Twitter -@mizgans



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