How could England fare tactically at the Euros

Roy Hodgson’s side look a real threat going forward but on the same line they look vulnerable defending their own goal, it’s like saying ” We’ll score more than you to win a game”. Let’s take a look at how England could fare tactically in France.


This kind of selection instills attacking instincts in it but some real worrying signs to go with the good ones. The ability to play an attacking fluid game will be on the cards but defending and staying compact could just be a factor that has to be solved going forward in the competition.

When Hodgson was first appointed as the England boss, he opted for a rigid-paced 4-4-2 formation which wasn’t attractive and proved very easy for opponents to deal with. Few pundits questioned Roy’s tactical approach and said England are playing football of the ‘dark ages’.

With likes of some new and flexible players like Alli, Dier, Kane and Vardy, Hodgson has changed his formation, he can now afford to play a 4-3-3 formation with diamond midfield and fluid forward line which can be flexible in their movements and can occupy opposition back-line and not allowing them to play from back.

Now, the other dilemma for the manager is whether he opts to play Rooney in the midfield three or push him forward in the behind the two forwards Kane and Vardy, if Rooney is slotted in the midfield three, Alli may well partner Kane and Vardy which seems more likely as Rooney struggled more in the forward area and recently the captain has shown good signs playing in the midfield and anchoring the pace of the game, with his experience, Hodgson may well opt for that.

Let’s take a look at how England may fare up formation in the Euros and what all will be the assignments of each player :-


As we see in the image above, the expected lineup to start the Euro games in France. The front three will be flexible, Kane as usual will occupy the wide areas when the team is defending and the striker will try and get in between the centre-back and full back to unleash a shot on goal, pretty much same goes with Vardy/Sturridge too, occupying the opposite flank while defending and trying to tuck in while attacking and occupying both the centre-back and fullback.

These movements will allow the fullbacks Walker and Rose to go forward and get into one on one situations, Alli and two strikers will be their obvious targets but runs from Rooney and Milner from midfield will be key too.

Dier will be key in defensive midfield, he was a revelation for Spurs and their quest for title the previous season, Hodgson will be expecting more or less the same. He has a job to cover the centre-backs and not allow midfield runners to go inside and have a shot without closing down. His midfield partners Rooney and Milner will be effective going forward but their roles are equally important going back too, they need to mark the opposite wide players from going forward and try to close the gap in between the centre-back and fullback.

Smalling and Cahill will be under pressure to perform as defensive depth is not there for England this time around, they have to perform at their best and form a good partnership. They need to make sure that they are robust enough in both the boxes.

It’ll be interesting to see whether likes of Vardy and Kane can form a lethal partnership and scare teams because the lack of depth in defence will hurt England sooner rather than later.

The lack of natural wide players will some what be missed, only Sterling is the option for taking on from wide areas, this though will not hurt England much as they have enough depth in central attacking areas to cover up.

So, Hodgson will be hoping his gamble to play an attack-minded squad pays off, he has chosen players on current form which clearly suggests the manager has gone for quality in recent times rather than reputation.

Interesting to see how far the Three Lions go this time around with some very exciting talents at their disposal.

By Mizgan Ahmed on 6th June, 2016

Twitter -@mizgans




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