Klopp’s extended contract :- A bane or boon for Liverpool’s future?

Probably whole of Liverpool have welcomed the news of Klopp signing a new contract at Liverpool which will keep him at Anfield till 2022 summer, but the question is –  is this a positive sign for club’s future or more drama is in the store?


The American owners FSG were so impressed by the German’s impact at the club that, a mere 10 months into his tenure, they decided to offer him a new contract which will keep him till 2022 summer. An FSG statement stated – ” Not to do so would be irresponsible” signifies the importance of this deal to them.

It came as a surprise to few and delight for most, most thought this as a move for secured and stable future ahead for the club and with Klopp incharge, they can expect world-class signings and Champions League football at regular basis.

Klopp was previously under contract till 2018 and with a firm opinion of staying an year extra too, the 49-year old German has changed the mood of the club since his arrival in October 2015, his ability to take supporters and players together for any game makes him a great personality for the fans to embark into and it created a bouncy, optimistic atmosphere at Anfield.

Klopp’s work also encouraged the owners to rethink of their club-selling thought, FSG’s mantra changed from ‘monetize the asset’ to ‘win the title’. The Boston-based group rejected many offers to offload the club with derision. They think this as an opportunity to ignite Liverpool’s future into a great one and make their name on the world stage.

Their problem is they don’t have any clear-cut plan as to how they will handle the club if anything uncharacteristic goes on with the current manager, they have no choice but to put trust on him and hope nothing goes drastically wrong till 2022.

The lack of leadership has been a source of magnifying concern since the takeover by the FSG, mood swings has been a feature at Anfield; infinite optimism one week, boundless angry negativity the other. This puts little cloud to this optimism as well, fans should hope this doesn’t turn into a negativity soon.

The other core problem to this deal is the lack of accountability in the club, it’s like till 2022 Klopp won’t be forced to any decision and the owners have decided to take the back seat and enjoy the show. It has happened before and things didn’t go well, Kenny Dalgish and Brendan Rodgers were considered as saviours and both looked very comfortable at the start of their jobs, but were sacked amongst derisive environment created by the supporters’ base.

The academy is a mess currently, it has been badly hit by cost-cutting. We all know Klopp loves to work with the academy as well as the International players, this won’t please the German much. There has been no coherent policy in the transfers in recent years, the good thing for this summer is, Klopp will have his final say in all the transfers which puts the fate all in his own hands.

There are some positive facets behind this extension too, this extension can be a master-stroke by the FSG, with likes of Mourinho, Pep, Conte, etc. coming in the Premier League, Liverpool needed one of the elite level managers to try and challenge for top positions.

Mourinho has arrived and United are spending a lot in order to support the manager in terms of getting players of the highest caliber, Pep has arrived at Manchester City and we all know how good City are in spending big money for transfers.

No manager will do good for a club unless financial support is granted by the owners, FSG need to spend more in order to get Liverpool and Klopp’s ambitions go hand in hand. No point hiking his salary without any solid club reason behind it.

All in all, this decision can have both impacts at the club and many feel this will take Liverpool into a new level of stable success, but few problems arises in steps of that, if Klopp and FSG are able to negate that then success can comeback at Liverpool on constant basis.

By Mizgan on 10th July, 2016

Twitter – @mizgans




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